Taking the desert (editing)

Thibault Rodrigues – Taking the desert (editing)

Cevennes, 1702. In a totalitarian political state, four men take up arms.

Diploma project (2020) by Thibault Rodrigues


Fiction / 14 min


My graduation project consisted of editing Noémie Guibal’s film. The main experience of this film editing was to find, in the narrowness of a collaboration interrupted by coronavirus hazards, the strength of a shared desire to give the film the space and time it required.

Rhythm. Fluidity. Slowness. Shock. Structure. Balance. Acts. Discourse.

These are some of the many tools that enabled us to manage the film’s “respiration”. Leaving behind the order of the script to find in the freshness of the rushes, the film’s coherent disorder.

Thibault Rodrigues