Montana 1977 (photography)

Aurel Ganz – Montana 1977 (photography)

Rey and Moretti are two undercover narc in the middle of a police operation in the Swiss mountains of Valais. It’s during a routine operation that one of them will do a terrible mistake and together they will have to escape from this difficult situation.

Diploma project (2020) by Aurel Ganz

Photography direction, Fiction

Fiction / 20 min


A crime film set in Switzerland in the 1970s: the project for which I worked in close collaboration with Kimyan Flückigeris as promising as it is ambitious.

The role of director of photography was both creative, involving a lot of freedom, and crucial in recreating the atmosphere of the 1970s. My dream of shooting with anamorphic lenses fitted well with the atmosphere of the film and enabled me to push the film’s aesthetics quite far. After a lot of work, the project marked the pinnacle of my three years of studies which ended in an explosion of joy.

Aurel Ganz



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