Isula Anima

Angèle Marignac-Serra – Isula Anima

« As everything regenerates, I wander the island of my ancestors. 

This book captures my encounter with the souls of this place and the invisible realm. I am confronted with a harsh and confidential geological world. None of my close family members reside there anymore. The various protagonists constitute clues, traces bearing the three kingdoms of the living.

They become my clan. I become an archaeologist of this land. Animated by ancestral vernacular beliefs, the landscapes become anthropomorphised. It is a tribute to the secret nature, to the imperceptible, in search of a face in the stone, the trees, the sky. I leave room for my imagination and fantasise modern ruins like posthumous signs. 

The border with death becomes more and more tangible.»

Diploma project (2022) by Angèle Marignac-Serra

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