Archéologie du futur

Gala Espel – Archéologie du futur

What will future archaeological discoveries look like? What meaning will they give our present time through the objects that will have been unearthed? 

Archéologie du futur (Archaeology of the Future) is a futuristic project featuring a series of objects that give a prospective representation of our material footprint. 

This project uses photogrammetry – a common tool in archaeology – to scan existing items and, based on these, to create, recompose and think up a possible scenario. A plant wraps around a container eroded by time. A shell fossilises around a metallic rod. A set of objects is created evoking a future where industrial forms are eventually taken over by nature.

In time, this digital collection will materialise into silverware and jewellery made with this technology applied to design.

Diploma project (2022) by Gala Espel

Très Bien
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