Kévin Goury – Intersection

Intersection explores the work of lines with glass. The project takes shape through a dialogue between designer and craftsperson. This set of vases, divisible into three parts, provides containers that can be adapted to all types of flowers. Small and compact bouquet, traditional container or soliflore.

Each piece is decorated with colourful motifs. These are the result of graphic research on the weave and creation by accumulation. Through conversations and experimentation with the glassblower, they grow in shape, size and shades to adapt to the practice of this unique material.

The superimposed motifs respond to one another and create new ones when assembled. At this moment, the vase takes on a totemic and sculptural aspect that livens up the room it occupies.

Photo credit: Samuel Spreyz

Diploma project (2022) by Kévin Goury

K.Goury_Intersections  (8).jpg