Lactose Oozing From a Breathing Singularity

Salomé Chatriot – Lactose Oozing From a Breathing Singularity

In 2018 a sprawling turbo alternator awakened under Salomé Chatriot’s caresses as she helped it out of its lethargy with a set of soft medical systems. They merged to create a space time destined to be dismantled, fragmented and reassembled inside the machine’s fertile matrix: Fragile Ecosystem. 

In this polymorphic universe, the fusion of technological and organic elements fosters the emergence of sculptures and virtual environments. Physical processes such as Chatriot’s breathing activate mechanical systems, resulting in symbiosis between the human body and her technological devices. Stuck in this nymphosis, they are constantly exchanging enzymes, hormones and proteins while infecting each other’s systems with vital breath, carnal desire and empathic energy.

Diploma project (2022) by Salomé Chatriot