The Dream I Still Have

Tudor Ciurescu – The Dream I Still Have

The rotating sculpture showcased in this exhibition, named The Dream I Still Have, is a reproduction of the artist’s childhood swing, a rusty post-Soviet swing that holds a forgotten character.

The character draws inspiration from Glenn/Shiftace, the non-gendered animatronic with a Freudian complex from the Hollywood film Chucky that was shot in Romania.

The continuous movement of the swing aims to transpose the viewer into a state of reflection – a movement that relates to the swiping of videos on TikTok and the subject of Guy Debord’s book, Society of the Spectacle.

The work’s movement is activated by a human presence thanks to sensors – the human presence being essential.

Just like a theme park, art becomes a place to feel fear without the consequences.

Diploma project (2022) by Tudor Ciurescu