Prayer Is Whatever You Say on Your Knees

Luca Frati – Prayer Is Whatever You Say on Your Knees

Prayer Is Whatever You Say on Your Knees is a performance which, through fiction, stages the fantasy and desire of being a popstar. Stardom and fame are taken as a metaphor of creative freedom and also as a reflection on wealth. The work reflects on desire through the use of prayer, an act that implies faith. Faith is intended here as a deep form of trust in one’s own agency, or better the ability to shape oneself into one’s desired form – a form which in this case is influenced by hyper feminine models but seen from a gender-nonconforming perspective, which places my body inside the tension of gender identification. The setting of the performance involves the use of a sculpture whose role is to deliver a sense of intimacy to the viewer.

Diploma project (2022) by Luca Frati

HES-SO Design & Fine Arts Excellence Award
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