La Valse Sauvage (direction)

Rémi Molleyres – La Valse Sauvage (direction)

Swiss countryside, 1939. Joseph has a date with Félicie, his fiancée, to go dancing at the village ball. He finds her agitated and she confesses to him that she has just killed her uncle and that she is about to flee. She invites him to leave with her, but he cannot bring himself to such an upheaval.

This is the pitch for my graduation film, shot in April 2023. Driven by a real desire for fiction, I was confronted with the challenges related to period films. These constraints, in particular those related to the sets, turned out to be very stimulating for me during the writing process. The result is a film of around 20 minutes, the culmination of a very rewarding year. This project was indeed an opportunity for me to better understand the role of production and casting.

Diploma project (2023) by Rémi Molleyres