Étendard du marcheur

Yann Fankhauser – Étendard du marcheur

This project is a print on a PVC tarpaulin (2500 mm x 1200 mm) of 18 silhouettes in boxes forming a black and white checkerboard.

The development of the project was done from hand-made sketches, then digitised with Illustrator and arranged in a checkerboard. These sketches of silhouettes were made through various processes: 1) the modification of an initial silhouette to create a new one, 2) the juxtaposition of several silhouettes with each other, and 3) by illustrating a new angle of a silhouette already created.

The concept revisits the idea of a motor-racing finish flag, transforming it into an endless journey, playing on the boundary between the figurative and the abstract in the image of pareidolia.

Diploma project (2023) by Yann Fankhauser