Noemi Leneman – Lolita

Lolita is a filmed ballet opera starring a dancer named Lolita. In order to bend to the gaze, desire and projections of her chosen one, she tries out several roles. First, she is a ballerina, trapped in a music box; then a shepherdess, an ambiguous figure who goes from admiration for to power over, and submission to her lambs; and finally, an opera singer who gradually transforms into a wolf. This video disrupts and plays with the aesthetic codes of traditional stage representations. Eva Galmel has been teaching me to dance on pointe. Around this project, a group of young artists from my entourage formed, collaborating for several months, trying to achieve a female gaze.

Choreographers: Philomène Jander and Eva Galmel
Scenography: Salomé Engel
Costumes: Adèle Berson and Roxane Sauvage

Diploma project (2023) by Noemi Leneman

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