Fragments choisis

Salomé Dotter – Fragments choisis

Playmobil and minesweeper. Bag of marbles and MSN. Malabar and BlackBerry. Facebook and heartbreak. Disco ball and high school wall.

Fragments Choisis is a poetic assembly of memories, an attempt at immunity against oblivion. On a shelf, the traces of the passing of time.

Twenty-three physical objects have been carefully selected to embody reminiscences from early childhood to adulthood. Visitors are invited to scan whatever they like with their smartphones, to bring a story to life and lead them on an excavation of the virtual space on offer.

Through this archaeological process, my intention is to crystallise contemporary nostalgia into a mosaic of shared memories.

What fragments would you choose?

Diploma project (2023) by Salomé Dotter

Augmented Reality (AR, XR)