Bêche pour dame

Noa Chevalley – Bêche pour dame

“In the middle of this gravel pit, a vast, artificial and monumental landscape, I try to leave my mark. In mimicry of this environment, I cut into the soil with the strength of my arms. The naked body becomes a tool for digging and filming. It is desexualised in this vain and infinite action. I use my strength to feel more powerful and to detach myself from the normative injunctions that are imposed to me. Despite this, I cannot compete with this place. A relentless battle takes place between the shovel and the ground – a battle that breaks the body and dismantles it. This work mirrors the feeling of inadequacy that comes from the dynamic of striving to meet the expectations that are imposed on us. I do not listen to my body anymore and I am conditioned to accept a world that rips it apart.“

Diploma project (2023) by Noa Chevalley

bêche courte emmanchée à rebords (bêche pour dame)_ECAL_chevalley3.jpg
bêche courte emmanchée à rebords (bêche pour dame)_ECAL_chevalley2.jpg