Early Retirement

Gabriela Marciniak – Early Retirement

“When you’re young and slow down, you’re lazy, but when you’re retired and you slow down, you’re happy to slow down”. As soon as we enter the word of adulthood, we realise that our everyday lives revolve around completing one task after another, checking off items from our to-do lists. Days pass in this manner, with the constant pressure of doing and working more. Driven by research, the artist explored early retirement in health resorts, places where we can relinquish control and devote our time to treatment, healing, pleasure and the process itself. There is no rush, no time. Video performance as a form of expression juxtaposes the body with architecture, creating a retirement wonderland.

A one-channel movie, video performance, 4k, 16:9 frame

Diploma project (2023) by Gabriela Marciniak

Early Retirement_ECAL_Gabriela Marciniak_2.jpg
Early Retirement_ECAL_Gabriela Marciniak_3.jpg