Disassembly Dialogue: Sketches and Dummies

Jule Bols – Disassembly Dialogue: Sketches and Dummies

In 2021 the EU commission passed new regulations that have forced the lighting industry to change: lighting needs to be manufactured and disposed of in more sustainable ways. In recent years, LED technology has dominated the industry as it is efficient, affordable and long lasting. However, the problem is that there is currently no feasible way to recycle LED lights. Disassembly of the components – LEDs, LED drivers/PCB boards, cables, sensors and casings with varying materials – is a key design challenge and would allow easier recycling. DISASSEMBLY DIALOGUE features sketches as well as physical models called DUMMIES, which showcase approaches to disassembling LED components. The DUMMIES are not luminaires or lamps, but rather playful and provocative ideas that intend to generate a discussion.

Diploma project (2023) by Jule Bols