Living in a Wall: A Feasible Fantasy

Paula Mühlena – Living in a Wall: A Feasible Fantasy

Living in a Wall: A Feasible Fantasy merges contemporary construction standards with design, shifting our perception of products.

The project explores built-in furniture, transforming it from an isolated practice into a replicable solution. It focuses on timber frame construction and prevalent prefabrication. By integrating furniture into the development and construction process of a house, this project demonstrates how furniture becomes an integral part of a cohesive, long-term system.

The project is showcased in a book that serves as a scale model and a guide, leading readers through the evolution of built-in furniture, prefabrication and design iterations for living in a wall. The 1:10 scale, engineer-approved drawings and augmented reality features ground the concept.

Diploma project (2023) by Paula Mühlena

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