Shy Opener, Transfarmer Miniconcert

Juri Bizzotto – Shy Opener, Transfarmer Miniconcert

Shy Opener, Transfarmer Miniconcert consists of a live set and presentation of the first single + video clip Shy Opener, made for the Transfarmer Series project.

The concert stage is transformed into a window into the world of Transfarmer, where sound, performance and stage elements recreate the bucolic ecosystem of a rediscovered periphery.

Transfarmer is a long-term research project, which is committed to creating intersectional critical thinking with respect to the condition of queer, trans* subjectivities in the rural context – imagining metamorphoses of them and their landscape.

The practical project includes drawings, texts, sound compositions, videos and props, and aims to produce an EP that will narrate the cosmovision of the character of Transfarmer.

Diploma project (2023) by Juri Bizzotto

Shy Opener_ECAL_juri.bizzotto_2.jpg
Shy Opener_ECAL_juri.bizzotto_3.jpg