Sofia Fresey Angelopoulou – Juggler

Juggler is an installation that consists of four large prints on micro-perforated tarpaulins, which are suspended from the ceiling. Viewers are welcome to walk around them and appreciate their see-through qualities. In many instances the juggler shares its identity with the magician, the jester and the fool. It is a duality: folly and non-folly, order and disorder, a joke and a warning. It is an entity that creates amusement with implements and in some cases with a physically deformed body. Through that, it generates patterns that describe the bizarre. Combinations of incompatibility, fantasy and reality, caricature and plausibility, alogicalness and hyperbolism. A big part of this project consists of images generated by an AI trained with pictures of freaks in sideshows.

Diploma project (2023) by Sofia Fresey Angelopoulou