Outlaw History: Bird Invasion

Clara Sipf – Outlaw History: Bird Invasion

A couple of days ago, the birds flew into the city. Enormous flocks of all varieties of birds, plenty of crows, seagulls and sparrows. The sky became dark. Determined and angry, they swooped down on the panicked masses. Greedily they pecked the flesh of living bodies; the big birds ripped whole shreds out of them. I spotted one that the woodpeckers, with their rapid hammering movements, had carefully severed from the neck including the spinal bones and the head had rolled dully down a small slope, meeting its end in the roadside ditch. The judges must have lingered in the courthouse for some more time until a falcon threw itself like a martyr through the colourfully decorated church window and herded them out.

Diploma project (2023) by Clara Sipf

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