Cristina Rodríguez Solé – Arrassall

Drought and high temperatures in Catalonia cause many fires during the summer. The authorities are responsible for the forestry work in the country’s woods to prevent them. Pine wood, which makes up most of these forests, is considered of lower value because it is harvested as part of forest management. However, its characteristics are similar to those of other woods in the area.

To enhance the value of this material and to give highlight the issue, the project aims to use this wood for the manufacture of limited-edition furniture. As an example, a stool and a bench have been created. Their shape is dictated by the size of the slats obtained from the tree, minimising processes and making the most of the material. Furthermore, to reduce the carbon footprint, all the furniture is made locally.

Diploma project (2023) by Cristina Rodríguez Solé