Diploma project, ECAL 2010


by Charles Negre

“ These images are lies.

What credibility has the photographic principle that says that an image should 

be faithful to reality? Our perception goes back and fourth between the illusion and its interpretation. Illusion warns and questions.The landscape is an interpretation of a space.The scale models are turned into landscapes through their representation ; from one space’s interpretation born feelings.

What is our relationship with nature?

Understand it, preserve it, reproduce it. The unknown and the virginity have 

disappeared from our apprehension of nature. Through those images, I create a fake natural reproductible world. The process of production of the images are like dioramas, trying to imitate the living, often idealized. It is a creation led by an utopia ; the quest of the terra incognita.

The serie is the representation of a limited universe, a cosmos. The fog, like a drape, reveals or hides those spaces. This torment, creator and destructor in the same time is the show of a genesis. We get out of the cave, going from obscurity to lightness.

The point is the memory of having been lost in time and space. ”

Charles Negre

PHOTOGRAPHY, Models, Charles Negre 3860
PHOTOGRAPHY, Models, Charles Negre 3862
PHOTOGRAPHY, Models, Charles Negre 3861
PHOTOGRAPHY, Models, Charles Negre 3863
PHOTOGRAPHY, Models, Charles Negre 3864