Hide / Reveal

Hide / Reveal

It is around the theme “Hide / Reveal” that we spent this week of workshop with Ines Alpha and Aaron Jablonski. The idea was to learn around the software “Spark AR” in order to develop a face filter for Instagram. The results presented here are the result of a week’s work for the 2CVMID and 3CVMID students.

You can find all these filters and try them on the Instagram @ecal_mid

Workshop (2020)

Augmented Reality (AR, XR), 3D Graphics
img_2_ret copie.jpg
Glass Shader ECAL/Basil Dénéréaz
Bubblizer ECAL/Mélanie Fontaine
Creepydermis ECAL/Nathanaël Vianin
Trinity ECAL/Michaël Pica
Two Faced ECAL/Lisa Kishtoo
Cry Curtains ECAL/Elodie Anglade
Glossy ECAL/Nora Fatehi
Layers ECAL/Jamy Herrmann
Venimask ECAL/Martial Grin
Bloom ECAL/Soraya Camina
Hello World ECAL/Jamy Herrmann
Aureum Solis ECAL/Jorge Reis
Rupture ECAL/Samuel Dumez
Black Hole ECAL/Loris Briguet
Expo2000 ECAL/Bogdan Nastase