Alma in the herd

Agnese Làposi – Alma in the herd

Alma visits her older sister, who lives in a commune in the countryside. She meets a boy and a stolen cow in the garden.

Diploma project (2019) by Agnese Làposi


Fiction / 25 min


Alma, thirteen years old, visits her older sister, who lives in a commune in the countryside. A stolen cow and a young man live in the garden of the house. The young girl struggles to come to terms with this new reality.


"When you take the horns off the cows, they can't communicate." For this reason, a cow has been kidnapped and hidden in the neo-rural, revolutionary and contemporary community where Ramona, a fulfilled young woman, lives.

Alma, Ramona's younger sister, comes to visit her for the first time. A teenager with a long and urban silhouette. She discovers her sister's life and it is in her alternately curious, impressed and critical eyes that we discover the other members who live there. Alma wanders among them. From the sensitive look of the teenager emerges a poetry that enlightens each one, here a young woman who anoints her hair with oil, there a handsome young man, an apprentice manufacturer of explosives, who shows her the effects of his mixtures. Something could happen between them... or not. Agnese Làposi has chosen to keep Alma at a distance from those she meets. 

With small touches, she draws a portrait of this reserved young girl who has difficulty mixing with others. Alma will remain fascinated by the cow. And why not? These are the things of nature that we rediscover with the film Alma in the herd by Agnese Làposi. 

Annette Dutertre / Editor and head of the editing department of La Fémis