Still Working

Julietta Korbel – Still Working

The guardian of a factory doomed to be demolished is faced with the end of his universe…

Diploma project (2019) by Julietta Korbel


Fiction / 17 min


In an abandoned factory destined to be demolished, Pavel’s routine, the guardian, is disturbed by the arrival of a young engineer who discovers an unusual electric activity, a running turbine. Pavel will be faced with the imminent disappearance of the factory and with the end of his universe…


Julietta fell in love with an abandoned factory. A ruined setting, gigantic and inanimate, but which she inhabited from her first visit. The script was written on this particular relationship to the setting, intimate and organic.

The characters came in the wake of this, as if out of this clay. The guard Pavel, his marked face, his massive and graceful dog. And the presence of the factory that oozes in all the shots, digs its imprint in time and space. The castle and its guardian. A body trapped in a larger body. A void, a collapse that probes another. 

Still Working, Julietta Korbel's film, is at once a portrait, a fable and a disturbing, haunted physical experience. Made of mystery, meaning and sensuality. David Lynch said that the hardest thing about making a film is falling in love with a story. That's what happened here. 

Thomas Cailley / Screenwritter, director