At the edge of a rail traffic, in an abandoned garage four people of different backgrounds live in a perfect harmony.

Diploma project (2018) by Lorraine Perriard, Brandon Beytrison

Fiction / 20 min


Milda is a young lituanian dancer. She lives in a garage with three roommates. Even though they all have different backgrounds, it seems like they really found each other well and live in a perfect harmony. One night, some freaking noises wake them up : constructions works have started on the railway, just next to them. Those sounds announce the very near demolition of their home. From then, Milda, Alan, Nadine and Selena try to forget that their life togeter is about to end.


The film Garage, by Lorraine, and edited by Brandon Beytrison, seems to me to be emblematic of what the journey of an edit is. The first cut was far from the final film... Out of fear of boring the spectator, of assuming her scenario, Lorraine had artificially stretched the story and, in doing so, killed the very idea of her film! Dryness of the scenes, imbalance between the characters, mechanical rhythm, etc. Lorraine couldn't see her dailies anymore and Brandon was limited to pacing, for lack of direction.

So we went back to the dailies to find Lorraine's original intentions, and they were there! It was a matter of finding the heart of the scenes, of redeploying them around the details that Lorraine had so meticulously put in place during the shooting and of giving back its soul to the film. Brandon then became a real force of proposal!

The rest is up to them, and from the second cut, the film was there, obvious, in place. From that moment on, their collaboration was able to work fully to achieve the film you are about to see!

Fabrice Rouaud / Editor