Josua Hotz – Nirin

La terre rouge. La route interminable. L’enfant qui ne sait pas où on l’emmène. Cette simplicité, Josua ne l’a pas trouvé sans mal et c’est un véritable chemin en lui-même qui l’a poussé à faire ce film sincère et bouleversant.  Raphaëlle Desplechin  Film de diplôme 2015, fiction, 15min

Diploma project (2015) by Josua Hotz


Fiction / 16min


Nirin is 6. His mother had promised they’d go on a lovely, long trip and Nirin is eagerly looking forward to discovering his country on a journey in a bush taxi, together with his two younger brothers. It’s the first time he’s leaving his native village in Madagascar. However, this great journey doesn’t turn out the way Nirin had imagined it.


The red earth. The endless road. The child who doesn't know where he is being taken. This simplicity, Josua did not find it without difficulty and it is a real path within himself that pushed him to make this sincere and moving film.

Raphaëlle Desplechin / Screenwriter