Belle Comme un Coeur

Grégory Casares – Belle Comme un Coeur

Rosie, 12 years old, will pact with a witch in order to be accepted by the other children.

Diploma project (2015) by Grégory Casares


Animation / 12min


Rosie is a little girl marginalized because she’s ugly. Her classmates victimize her constantly. One day she meets a witch, old and lonely who makes her wish come true instantly. Now there’s no one prettier than Rosie. But she will soon understand that there is nothing more empty than the fleeting, fragile mask of beauty.


In a black and white of great elegance, Gregory Casares tells the story of the difficulty of taming one's appearance and the spells of love. Quoting Tim Burton or Miyazaki, Gregory invents a magical world with disturbing contours whose interstices reveal the beauty of childhood, but also its cruelty.

Fred Guillaume / Director