David Maye – Angela

In front of the school where he teaches, Olivier is approached by a girl who is panhandling. He recognizes Angela, his youthful love. Embarrassed, she disappears...

Diploma project (2010) by David Maye


Fiction / 22min


In front of the college where he teaches, Olivier meets a girl who's asking for money. He recognizes Angela, his love from the past. Embarrassed, she leaves. The next day, he meets her again and invites her for a sandwich. She accepts. When Olivier has to pay, he does not find his wallet anymore and Angela has gone. Upset and fascinated, he will follow her in the city. Till what point is he going to trace her?


Angela, an angel lost in the city. A beautiful performance by the actress Nina Langensand in a short film by David Maye. Nurtured by personal experience, the young Valaisan director manages to transpose the elusive nature of his character with grace and without falling into cliché.

Ruxandra Zenide / Director