The Ambassador & me

The Ambassador & me

A son, a father. The first one holds a camera; the second one holds the title ambassador. The camera trembles, the ambassador remains.

Studio project (2011) by Jan Czarlewski


Documentary / 16min


His Excellency, the plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Belgian Crown sacrificed his entire life for his country. His dedication came with a price; he never really had time for me, his son. In admiration, I always longed to be like him. However, I feel like I am quite the opposite. I thus, decide to come to Brussels to try to make up for lost time.


A son, a father. The first holds a camera, the other is an ambassador. A great game of evasions where the son, by dint of (voluntarily) getting his feet wet, manages to draw a portrait of his father (and his own, as a result...). Sensitive and uncompromising, in the little game of who loses wins, the sprinkler ends up (fortunately!) being sprinkled...

Jean-Stéphane Bron / Director