Another Game

Jean-Guillaume Sonnier – Another Game

Starting with a role play and then falling in love, Benoît is going to lose everything…

Diploma project (2011) by Jean-Guillaume Sonnier


Fiction / 19min


Looking for a flat to rent, Benoît is staying temporarily at a hotel. Having seen that flats are more easily rented to couples than singles, Benoît comes up with the plan to have Jeanne, his neighbour, act as his girlfriend. Through this role play, Benoît will fall under the charm of this young lady who is keen on horse betting, and will let himself be led into an amorous bet that will ruin him.


Another Game is a modest and playful film, an elegant cross between a young skater with a broken leg and a mysterious young woman who bets on the racetrack. With its contrasting black and white and lively dialogue, the film pays homage to the lightness of 1960s cinema and brilliantly affirms its belief in romance.

Frédéric Mermoud / Director