Des yeux partout

Caroline Cuénod – Des yeux partout

This ageless woman who tracks every CCTV camera in the city, would she aggree to go to Monaco?

Diploma project (2012) by Caroline Cuénod


Documentary / 47mn


Lonely and a bit wild, Clarissa can not stand to be constantly observed by CCTV. From Geneva to Middlesbrough via Monaco, she faces everywhere this society filming every single move constantly. Under the eye of surveillance cameras and the one of the camera director, Clarisse reveales herself little by little ...


When Caroline Cuénod spoke to me about her film project, I immediately felt her sensitivity and intelligence. She has a clear vision of what she is looking for and, at the same time, shows a lot of open-mindedness and listening. Little by little, I saw her film being made, finding itself, until this very beautiful end... Eyes everywhere expresses a great desire for cinema.

Solveig Anspach / Director

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