Nathan Hofstetter – Radio-active

A film about my illness and my stay at a psychiatric hospital.

Diploma project (2012) by Nathan Hofstetter


Documentary / 27min


"I couldn't say exactly how it started. What I do remember is being on a film set, sleeping less and less, feeling the anxiety rise; then, one morning, watching television with the strong feeling that it was me who was going to marry Kate Middletone and not Prince William. This is called a psychotic decompensation. But that I learned later. "

Radio-active, tells "from within" the territory of this disease.


Following a psychotic decompensation, Nathan spends a season in hell. From inside his head, itself encircled by the walls of the hospital, he tells us about a world where reality no longer has a place. Radio-active is not a testimony, it is a journey into illness, a simple and demanding form, an exploratory film.

Lionel Baier / Director