Natalia Ducrey – Sunburn

It is summer. Three sixteen-year-old girls spend a few days together at the home of one of them.

Diploma project (2012) by Natalia Ducrey


Fiction / 26min


The story of three teenage girls and their friendship, in the middle of the summer vacations that never end. The story of Amélie and her friends Caro and Sasha who take advantage of Amélie's parents' absence to take over their big house. Each in her own way tries to assert herself, to test the others, to seduce the boys.

For Amélie, this bittersweet journey and her story with the handsome Mathieu, will be the opportunity to detach herself from her friends and discover her femininity...


Sunburn captures with strength, gentleness and harshness a few days in the life of a young girl, in the middle of summer; a young girl that Natalia Ducrey watches with great accuracy, who beautifully captures her heroine's first love affections, her first benders, her slow entry into the skin of a young woman.

Frédéric Mermoud / Director