Stammering love

Jan Czarlewski – Stammering love

Tim is 23 years old. He stammers a lot. His friend is a charmer. For Tim, seducing a girl is difficult.

Diploma project (2012) by Jan Czarlewski

Frédéric Mermoud

Fiction / 20min


Tim is 23 years old. He’s intelligent, rather good looking, but he stammers. Seducing a girl is an ordeal. Encouraged by his friend, he will try and reach for the brass ring – Victoria, a pretty girl he met boxing. However, he has trouble stringing two words together…  


The bodies and their defects, their weights, their dysfunctions, their failures. Watching Jan's film is a physical experience. We breathe with this character and suffer with him. We are the young girl who listens, the one who tells him "you want to", the friend who encourages him. And the relationship that is gradually established with the boxer brings us closer to this last unique and untranslatable scene. A scene of cinema.

Hippolyte Girardot / Actor, director