Being a ghost

Sebastián Friedmann – Being a ghost

Serge discovers what being a ghost is like but Martial, an old spirit, prevents him from having fun.

Diploma project (2021) by Sebastián Friedmann


Fiction / 19 min


An encounter between two ghosts in a spa. Serge realizes what has happened to him. Martial disapproves of this young rebel who's disrupting his normal routine. Will they be able to get along ? 


Through the directing process and the work of the actors, I wanted to create the most dynamic ghost characters possible. When Serge, the protagonist, discovers his death, he does not react as one would expect. He is happy: he is freed from the gaze of others and seems to enjoy his newfound freedom. Unfortunately for him, his emancipation is not to the liking of Martial, the spirit of an old man who tries to prevent him from stepping out of line.

The extraordinary thing about a fictional work is that it confronts us with situations that remind us of our own existence without having to experience them in real life. What if I was dead? How would I react? What would I miss the most? In the meantime, we might as well enjoy what we have.

Sebastián Friedmann