Balthazar and Madalena

Gabriel Colban – Balthazar and Madalena

In the midst of an aerobatic flight, a canonball woman meets a trapeze artist. A haunted love story.

Diploma project (2021) by Gabriel Colban

Gilles Marchand, Marie Monge

Fiction / 21 min


At Circus Rainor, Madalena, the canonball woman who will kick off the reopening ceremony in a few days, is extremely anxious. Ever since the accidental death of Diego, the famous trapeze artist, she believes that her act is the target of a curse. During her last rehearsal - as she finds herself propelled into the air - she meets the eyes of Balthazar, the new trapeze artist. Time stops. A haunted love story.


For this project, it was very important to find a form of musicality, a movement that runs through the film, that is first and foremost driven by the real pleasure of filmmaking. Building a fluctuating atmosphere and mystery, colourful settings and precise details. Energy that links the characters and participates, in a playful and sensory way, in developing a form of magic in a fake universe.

Gabriel Colban