The great disappointement (Screenplay)

Yan Ciszewski – The great disappointement (Screenplay)

Two women come down from the top of a mountain, following a great disappointment.

Diploma project (2022) by Yan Ciszewski

Très Bien
HES-SO Design & Fine Arts Excellence Award

Fiction / 16'35 min


On the top of a mountain, Claire is standing still, waiting, focused. Louise, a mountain guide who accompanies her, makes her understand that it’s time to go home. Disappointed, Claire accepts, and the two women start to go down the mountain, as the day fades out. In a mystical mountain, where people go to seek the ghosts of their past, Claire and Louise will make some peculiar encounters.

Student's comment

After the loss of her twin sister, Claire goes to the mountains where they grew up with a specific goal: to find her ghost. Accompanied by Louise, a withdrawn and secretive mountain guide, she embarks on an arduous, several-days long walk. Soon enough, Claire understands that she is not the only one grieving. The mountain confronts the women with their respective ghosts and inner demons.

For my degree, I wrote a feature-length script and directed a short movie based on that same script. The story of the short is slightly different, but it shares the same setting and atmosphere. This short provides a hint of what the feature-length will look like.

Between family drama and ghost story, the film plays with the codes of different genres.

Yan Ciszewski