Antonio Boggeri

Alice Monguzzi – Antonio Boggeri

What answers can found objects provide? I come from a family of graphic designers: my father, his father before him, and my great-grandfather, Antonio Boggeri – four generations, four practices, but a common core. To understand where we come from, where I come from, there are traces, objects that get people talking, that bring back to memory; objects to get to know him, my grandmother’s father; objects that remain – in our homes, in boxes.

To get closer to him, I give voice to a woman, my grandmother. Through her, through the stories that arise from his relics, I try to draw a portrait of a man I never knew. This book bears witness to a transmission, the trace of an attempt to find one’s place in a form of heritage that we all carry.

Diploma project (2022) by Alice Monguzzi

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