Masen Al-Saghir – Jabal

Jabal is a collection of plastic-free, repairable and recyclable mountain jackets. 

It consists of a jacket and a down jacket. 

The fastening has been redesigned with a fold system, without zips. It also allows the width of the jacket to be adjusted according to the number of layers worn. 

Jabal is made entirely of durable materials: high-density woven cotton, waxed cords and aluminium fasteners. The seams are heat-sealed with natural adhesive.

The down jacket is filled with milkweed, a plant that is as light as feather but twice as insulating. No chemicals or watering are required for its production. The materials can be separated for easy recycling. Resin-impregnated patches are provided to repair snags.

Diploma project (2022) by Masen Al-Saghir

Silvio Rebholz
Fashion, Textile