Frederik Buchmann – Mush.Room

In a society that is constantly producing and consuming and where planned obsolescence is built into any products, we have to question the way we use things.

Furniture from current Olympic Games is often discarded or sold after two weeks of use. Mush.Room offers a durable and economical furniture solution for short-lived events. 

Consisting of five essential pieces, this family of objects meets the basic needs of a room for a short stay. 

The material, mycelium composite, is a mixture of hemp fibre and fungus. The whole is heat pressed and the ladder acts as a binder. As a result, these units do not contain formaldehyde adhesives that are harmful to health and nature. The components are locally sourced and will be able to continue their life cycle after composting without leaving a trace on the planet.

Diploma project (2022) by Frederik Buchmann

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