I Sit Here and I Cry

Lorenzo Benzoni – I Sit Here and I Cry

I Sit Here and I Cry is based on a hyper-pop song performed by myself and produced by @nightclub20xx called Ghostin the Castle.

The main aim of my research is to analyse capitalism from a Gen Z perspective and, as I usually do in my practice, to build images and play with elements that I create and translate between different media. 

I decided to play with the settings of gothic novels, in particular with the image of the castle and the vampire, in the historical transition from feudalism to capitalist economy.

There is a sculpture of a castle made with salt dough, a drawing that shows what is happening inside the walls, a ghost puppet and the video of the song, in reference to Mark Fisher’s concept of “hauntology” and politically related memes. 

Diploma project (2022) by Lorenzo Benzoni