Instelloni - Local Grown Instant Pasta

Beat Baumgartner – Instelloni - Local Grown Instant Pasta

We all know instant noodles that provide a whole menu within a few minutes. And we all know that cannot be healthy! In addition, the pasta is usually made from imported durum wheat. This is precisely what I focused on, looking at which grain grows best in my area and whether you can make pasta from it. The result: instant whole wheat pasta made from emmer, which achieves depth of flavour through two fermentation techniques.

The delicate dried vegetables and spices are not packed in a plastic bag as usual but are enclosed in the pasta. In this way, we can completely dispense with plastic in the packaging.

It is plastic-free, healthy, local and vegan!

Diploma project (2022) by Beat Baumgartner

Très Bien