Documentary film workshop with Guillaume Brac

Documentary film workshop with Guillaume Brac

The 2022 documentary workshop was lead by Guillaume Brac. In partnership with the Lausanne Sport!

Studio project (2022) by Marcello Balzaretti, Zoée Bijotat, César Cadène, Remo Corazza, Ilan Dubi, Léa Favre, Rémi Molleyres, Ilù Seydoux

ECAL film department proposed that I accompany ten second-year students on a documentary mandate financed by Lausanne Sport, the city's historic soccer club.

Although I am interested in this sport, I was very clear from the start: it was not a question of making a film about soccer or the functioning of the club, but a film in which soccer would be the starting point, the spark, allowing me to go on to much more personal, intimate, singular elements. I insisted on the liberating power of the commission, at least when it is accompanied by a real freedom, which was the case here. I encouraged each student to find, if necessary to invent, the form, the device, the staging, that best corresponded to his or her sensitivity and subject. Documentary films offer to curious and adventurous filmmakers infinitely more possibilities in terms of film writing than fiction. And I believe that the films of this workshop, of an extreme diversity of forms, tones, and motifs, are a brilliant demonstration of this.

Guillaume Brac, director

Marcello Balzaretti , Monstruo, 21'40

 Zoée Bijotat , Bel amour, 13'40

César Cadène , Le Bleu de tes yeux, 18'15

Remo Corazza , Entre chien et loup, 20'

Ilan Dubi , Tim & Maxime, 16'50

Léa Favre , Dans la tour de la veilleuse, 38'

Rémi Molleyres , Sur le pont / Sous l'eau, 16'40

Loïc Pidoux , Ce qui nous reste, 15'50

Ilù Seydoux , Enki, 20'25


Documentary workshop led by:
Guillaume Brac

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Karen Benainous (editing)
Camille Cottagnoud (photography)
Marie-Eve Hildbrand (writing)

Bel amour
Le bleu de tes yeux
Entre chien et loup


Tim & Maxime
Dans la tour de la veilleuse
Sur le pont / Sous l'eau