Fiction film workshop with Thierry de Peretti

Fiction film workshop with Thierry de Peretti

The 2022 fiction film workshop was lead by Thierry de Peretti.

Studio project (2023) by Camille Anker, Pol Barrelet, Mégane Brügger, Naïla Ebinger, Benjamin Eggenberger, Hervé Ossent, Maria Luiza Vaz, Donika Gashi, Matteo Friberg, Rose Hirgorom

Head of workshop:
Thierry de Peretti

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"For the fiction workshop of the second year class that the ECAL film department entrusted me with, I proposed to Camille Anker, Mégane Brugger, Pol Barrelet, Naïla Ebinger, Benjamin Eggenberger, Matteo Friberg, Donika Gashi, Rose Higorom, MariaLuisa Vaz, Hervé Ossent, to think together about the idea of "adaptation". Being myself in the throes of the exercise with my next feature film, adapted from a novel, it was a way to connect in the most obvious way with them.

When we talk about adaptation we often think of the novel, but everything can be adapted, a play, a poem, a short story, a film, a part or a few lines of a novel, an article or an interview, a memory, a dream, a text that we have written ourselves. What seems important to me is the way in which one translates, understands, betrays or is faithful.

I also asked them to be as economical as possible in the means they used to shoot: few shots, no camera movements, no special effects, no external (artificial) light, as few locations as possible. We were going to work together on what would be some of their first films and I wanted to encourage them to make simple, quick, clean experiments, free from the will to seduce: films of self-taught people. I was deeply touched to see how each one of them took up the exercise, sometimes with an imperious and immediate intuition, other times by taking a steeper and more worried path.

Today, ten new, free proposals remain, which in the end care little about the final result. These proposals are all clear and risky, both poetically and technically: they are films behind which we recognize each of the future filmmakers they will be tomorrow."

Thierry de Peretti, director

• Camille Anker , Térébenthine, 10'25

• Pol Barrelet , 2300 Blues, 15'

• Mégane BrüggerJusqu'à l'os, 17'00

Matteo Friberg , A s'en cramer la rétine, 15'

Rose Hirgorom , I want to be a man in a suit with air gel, 14'30

• Naïla Ebinger , Sous les draps, 10'20

• Benjamin EggenbergerBorderland, 11'05

• Hervé OssentFormol, 09'35

Donika Gashi , Pink Funeral, 11'10

• Maria Luiza Vaz , L'Heure de l'étoile, 26'

2300 Blues
Jusqu'à l'os
Sous les draps
L'Heure de l'étoile