Rose on the farm (Direction)

Giulia Goy – Rose on the farm (Direction)

Rose is a young filmmaker who's looking for a job. She decides to go on a course to retrain as a farmer. This is an inceptive story that questions our relationship with the land, with art, as well as the role of filmmakers as observers of our world.

Diploma project (2023) by Giulia Goy


Docu-Fiction / 35 min


Rose, a young, recently graduated filmmaker, reflects on her calling on this earth. Looking for a job, she applies to the regional employment office. As there are no openings and as she wishes to work outside, she gets an offer to retrain as a farmer.
Rose decides to trust the institution and embarks on this existential venture while keeping a diary. An initiatory quest that questions our relationship to nature, to art, to the role of filmmaker as an observer of our world.

Student's comment

Attracted by different image regimes, it was obvious to me that I wanted to use them for my graduation film. I knew that I wanted to film cows, but then I wasn't yet aware of my attraction to them. I prefer documentaries because of the freedom they give me to work in this way, and the chance they give me to play with fiction in a "pretend" way. I'd already experimented with this form with my previous short film, Casting di un Padre, and made me want to go deeper into this personal approach. I really wanted to experiment with my practice, get out of my comfort zone and want to move towards a cinema that speaks to me.

Giulia Goy