Before ocean (Direction)

Ilan Dubi – Before ocean (Direction)

Léon has a tough night as he runs away from home to join Olivia on her journey to the ocean.

Diploma project (2023) by Ilan Dubi


Fiction / 21 min


For one night, Léon, a 15-year-old boy, runs away from home. He's going to join Olivia, a young adult who's going to the ocean to settle down. But the two bikers who are supposed to take them have had one of their motorcycles stolen. So Léon and Olivia wander the city, each with their desires and dreams in danger.

Student's comment

A short film shot in Lausanne by night. With a shoulder-mounted camera and a small crew, we set out into the streets of Lausanne to film an adolescent wandering tinged with the melancholy of a departure. I wanted to explore the notion of introspection and the feeling of disillusionment that inhabits our teenage years in this film with its saturated images and surreal sounds. The ocean haunts the characters.

Ilan Dubi



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Photos de tournage
Photos de tournage