1st year Documentary Workshop

1st year Documentary Workshop

1st year students took part in a documentary workshop led by Benoit Rossel, on the theme of the interview.

Studio project (2023) by Victor Cateau, Aurélie Chételat, Antonin Dutoit, David Gonseth, Lanna Melissa Nebie, Louis Richalet, Camille Surdez, Nafi Touré, Serhii Tykhoniuk

Benoit Rossel

Guest teacher (editing):
Karin Sudan

For this first-year documentary workshop, I proposed making a film centered on a character with a particular link to a place. To this end, and before even confronting the real thing, the students were asked to write a purely imaginary synopsis of what their film would be. The aim of this stage was not only to explore the story they were working on, but also to narrow down their field of research. At the end of this first stage, a course was set for achieving their various goals. The search for a protagonist was the second stage, forcing them to confront and adapt to reality. But, as with filming and editing, their choices were guided by this useful and valuable preliminary work. So, in the end, all the films resonate strongly with the imagination of each and every one of them, and beyond the documentary project, they are a portrait of the filmmakers themselves, reflecting something very sensitive about the personalities of each of them.

Benoit Rossel, director

• Victor Cateau , Camtar, 09'21

 Aurélie Chételat , Une présence, 04'38

Antonin Dutoit , Ce qui reste, 11'15

David Gonseth , De passage, 08'17

 Lanna Melissa Nebie , Petit village, 06'28

 Louis Richalet , Off Air, 08'39

 Camille Surdez Fait maison, 08'58

 Nafi Touré , Laila, 07'57

Serhii Tykhoniuk , Les lumières de Kiev, 16'28 (Visions du Réel 2023)

Une présence
Ce qui reste
De passage
Petit village
Off Air
Fait maison
Les lumières de Kiev