Documentary film workshop with Guillaume Brac

Documentary film workshop with Guillaume Brac

2nd year students took part in a documentary workshop led by Guillaume Brac, on the theme of friendship.

Studio project (2023) by Camille Anker, Pol Barrelet, Mégane Brügger, Naïla Ebinger, Benjamin Eggenberger, Matteo Friberg, Donika Gashi, Hervé Ossent, Maria Luiza Vaz, Arsène Fragnière

Head of workshop:
Guillaume Brac
Guest teachers:
Karen Benainous (editing)
Camille Cottagnoud (photogrpahy)
Marie-Eve Hildbrand (writing)


"After a successful first experience last year, I once again had the pleasure of helping second-year students make their documentary films. This time, I didn't give them a mandate, but rather a theme - friendship - to interpret freely. What I wanted above all was to get them to film the bond, the feeling. To delve into their experiences and emotions. The watchword of the workshop was sincerity. To make the most accurate, honest film possible, in terms of point of view and relationship to the filmed subject. To find the cinematographic language, the directing, that corresponds to and resembles them. This workshop is as fascinating as it is demanding, because it involves students getting to know themselves better, as filmmakers of course, but also as people. From these almost five months of work and trial and error have emerged ten very fine films, all very personal, dealing with a wide variety of bonds. The bond with the distant or missing father, with the prisoner to whom we write, with friends left on the other side of the world, with the party gang, with the friend undergoing reconstruction, with the famous young actor, with old Michel, with God, with his dog. We cry at some, laugh at others. And we tell ourselves that making films is a great way to grow up."

Guillaume Brac, director


Camille Anker , La simple science du vol, 27'35

 Pol Barrelet , Celui qui n'est pas mon grand-père, 25'13

Mégane Brügger , Dolo et son ogre, 16'

Naïla Ebinger , SABAI SABAI, 17'14

Benjamin Eggenberger , Kacey, 19'28

Matteo Friberg , Crise de foi, 26'51

Donika Gashi , WOOF WOOF, 25'35

Hervé Ossent , Papa et ses paillettes, 25'

Maria Luiza Vaz , ...please bear with me, 20'27

Arsène Fragnière , Loin du bruit des machines, 15'

La simple science du vol
Celui qui n'est pas mon grand-père
Dolo et son ogre
Papa et ses paillettes
...please bear with me
Loin du bruit des machines