Photosensitivity warning: following content may cause seizures

Ekaterina Bliznyuk – Photosensitivity warning: following content may cause seizures

Photosensitive epilepsy is a variant of epilepsy in which the affected person suffers from particular reactions to light and certain static patterns. Due to a lack of awareness of this disorder, our environment contains a large number of visual triggers, which endanger the daily life of photosensitive people.

My project reproduces in virtual reality the most harmful locations and elements for photosensitive people, always illustrating two of these variants: the one that is visually accepted and the one that acts as a visual trigger. Being both a graphic designer and a photosensitive person, I sought to highlight the ignorance of this disease, which leads to visual exclusion. This is reinforced by the idea that I myself will never be able to view my own project in its full form.

Diploma project (2023) by Ekaterina Bliznyuk

Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Graphics, Game