Informal Pictures

Agathe Bourrée – Informal Pictures

Each year, the seven most influent countries in the world gather to discuss international matters for a weekend hosted by one of the members. Informal Pictures is an inquiry that aims to recreate the atmosphere of these meetings, which lead to major decisions regarding international politics. It is an attempt to understand the influence of the press on the collective imaginary, with regard to those major political events. The study uses graphic design tools and mainstream journalistic sources to recreate an image that never existed, a missing image of political dinners during the annual G7. Those informal images are recreated based on what the newspapers say and used as input in an artificial intelligence to shape the intention of the picture.

Diploma project (2023) by Agathe Bourrée

Prix D’excellence Du Domaine Design Et Arts Visuels De La Hes-So
Editorial, Machine learning (ML, AI)
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